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Thanks everybody!

Ahoy-hoy. At long last… the beast has risen. It’s different, but the same. It’s better, but different. It’s new, but familiar, and differently the same – but not really. How’s the food? Amazing. How’s the venue? Even cooler. What’s to drink? Shut up. Put your phone own, and get down here.

25 years ago the beer scene in Florida was almost non-existent. Into that desert, an oasis of good beer was born and flourished. In 1994 New World Brewery first opened its gates and began pouring pints, cooking up pizzas and booking legendary events. In the years since those early days, we have won multiple Best of the Bay awards, showcased some of the biggest names in music and comedy and even hosted our fair share of weddings. 

New World has ingrained itself as a Tampa institution and our new venue in Sulfur Springs will continue that legacy in a dramatically upgraded fashion. A much larger venue, a deliciously expanded menu all paired with our signature beer garden.

We might be in a new location but our vision will continue to be the same, serving up good food, drinks and times.